Black mask for the face: Warning Danger !!!

Black mask

In recent months, a beauty trend has spread on the Internet and social networks: Young women apply a mixture of charcoal and liquid glue on the face to “clean” the skin and remove all blackheads at once. Called “black masks”, these treatments can especially be very dangerous for the epidermis.

But what are they really composed of?

These products often produced in China are supposed to purify the skin of the face thanks to glue and charcoal ; Doubtful content, blurred label have alarmed French cosmetics company syndicate.

Whether it is sold ready for use or homemade the main ingredients of these black masks are identical : activated charcoal mixed with industrial liquid glue composed of solvent and irritant material, toxic products extremely dangerous for the skin.

The first danger of this mixture is to remove the first part of the cutaneous barrier therefore to remove the first barrier against aggression. Regular application of this type of mixture can cause much more serious pathology over the long term.