Google has adapted it’s AI to design the perfect recipe for cookies

Google has adapted its AI to design the perfect recipe for cookies. Only problem: you must love cardamom. So, is it perfect?

The company has designed an optimal cookie recipe thanks to its Google AI technology. Throughout this year, a team of engineers based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania worked on the subject.

Forget the artificial intelligences that spy on us to prevent suicides, recognize faces via video surveillance or become bilingual on their own. With this experience we enter the heart of the subject: how an AI can help us eat better? This is also an opportunity for Google to show that artificial intelligence is not only anxiety, but can be also comforting.

For this, the specialists of the company determined basic ingredients (type of chocolate, quantity of sugar, flour, vanilla, etc.) and asked the AI to determine their proportions. The result was then tasted by the team and noted against store bought cookies. The notes were transmitted to the AI who adjusted his recipe. These operations were repeated dozens of times to obtain the most satisfactory result possible.


But as the human being still has a good head start on the machine in terms of gastronomy, Google still appealed to Jeanette Harris, a specialist in gluten-free pastries. Jeanette and Chef John of the Google team work to improve the recipe with cardamom and Sichuan pepper. After 59 tests, again helped by AI, finally results this recipe of “cookie with chocolate chips and cardamom“.